Panther Roulette II Edition 6

Gaming innovation that captures the imagination!

This innovative single-player roulette is started by the player using the traditional pinball trigger mechanism, i.e. by throwing a ball into the roulette wheel, or alternatively, by pressing the Start button on the right hand side. Panther Roulette ™ II is played exactly according to the defined roulette rules. The key factor is better player interaction with the game. Both the player and the croupier can be guests at the same time.

Panther Roulette ™ II comes with a comprehensive game offering with 48 slot game modes. In addition, the Panther Roulette ™ II features a second 39-inch full HD vertical screen on top of the machine with FLIPSCREEN® functionality. Pinball’s innovative launch mechanism to increase player interaction consists of a Start button for maximum player comfort, a 24-inch TFT touch screen, and a 39-inch high-resolution screen with FLIPSCREEN® functionality. It offers 23 slot machine games, cutting-edge machine design and attractive styling, an illuminated roulette wheel and a cash receiver that can hold bills and coins. It also includes a hopper, electromechanical counters and multilingual options.